Romantica caffé Madeleine

Romantica Caffè Madeleine 7 rue du Chevalier St Georges 75008 Paris

Reservation : +33 1 4261 1680

Monday-Thursday 12noon to 2h30pm & 7pm to 10H30pm – Friday-Saturday 12noon to 2h30pm & 7pm to 11pm

At noon, the most exclusive area of Paris is brimmed with activity. Between the peaceful Tuileries garden and the majestic Place de la Madeleine, the Chevalier de Saint-George street houses renowned restaurants and stylish boutiques. It is the historic heart of the capital, a few steps away from the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. La Fayette lived there, and later did Robespierre and Marie-Thérèse Geoffrin hold a prestigious literary salon in the mid eighteenth century.

It is in this area which is rich in history and culture that Claudio Puglia invites us to explore the transalpine gastronomy with this beautiful and amazing Italian restaurant which was opened in 2008. And when we talk about culture, the Romantica Caffè has its place in the neighborhood. Because, it is a pure gastronomic balade throught the whole menu.

Let’s start, for example with the beef carpaccio as in « Venice » with moncenisio sauce which is prepared just like the Venetian… as it would be in an authentic Italian restaurant. An assortment of antipasti is a tasty alternative to your first choice. The pastas are available as linguine or rigatoni, served with fresh tomatoes, parsley, olives, capers, ceps, eggplant, extra virgin olive oil…

A festival of Mediterranean vegetables, carefully selected by Claudio Puglia, the Chef of this authentic Italian restaurant. With every change of season, a selection of suggestions flesh the menu out.

And as a dessert is always welcome, the house offers a full range of sweet flavours of lightness: wide choice of ice creams and sorbets, fine apple tarts flavoured with amaretto, cooked cream with berries.

A few words on the context, because it is never an insignificant element of pleasure that we take to go to the restaurant, and perhaps more in an Italian restaurant: the elegance of a decor with sober lines and warm notes, which lends itself perfectly to one-on-one dinner or with friends at night.