Claudio Puglia, Chef and owner of the restaurant La Romantica in Clichy since 15 years, is recognized by the French gastronomic press as one of the best Chefs and restaurateurs of the capital and he also received honors from the French and international general press.

Decorated with Order of Merit for Labour (Cavaliere del Lavoro) by the Italian President O. L. Scalfaro and Prime Minister Prodi, he already attained tremendous popularity by the age of 35.

Arriving in France twenty years ago with a rather important culinary repertoire, he first worked for chains of Italian restaurants, and created the Little Romantica in Levallois-Perret with his wife and two years later, moved into Clichy in the magical place of the current La Romantica, in the same city where previously Bernard Loiseau and Guy Savoy had set up their brands. In 1990, Claudio bought this business without customers, a small pearl in the desert of this Paris suburb with fireplace and veranda overlooking a garden completely isolated. The restaurant goes unnoticed because you have to cross a building corridor to get into the garden.

Claudio does not give up and La Romantica was born. With a strong culinary experience of its first Romantica, he knows that it is a turning point in his life and that he must unleash all its passions and emotions. The Products? He knows them by heart because he comes from the land. Imagination? The level is up. It only remains to refine the technique at work.

New Italy is here, resplendent, free of complex to surprise and seduce. We must wipe false beliefs out about Italian cuisine because since the 30s, the French associated Italy with pizza, Chianti and escalope. Claudio is innovative: it has deliberately chosen the current Italy using little-known products for a return to the earthy flavours. Updating the old recipes, he steps up for innovation. He definitely eliminates the butter using his olive cultivation, olive oil emulsion and true cooking values…

Ambitious, perfectionist, demanding, not always easy to live and impulsive, as described by his relatives, this Chef, is not without faults, but he remains a man of his word and friendship, very attached to his family and his two children. Customers followed him ever since with enthusiasm and loyalty.